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Best Practices for a Rewarding Remote Team Culture Experience

There are so many benefits of remote work, like not having a commute, schedule flexibility, and simply being able to do your laundry between work tasks. The advantages are clear, but one of the disadvantages of remote work is that you are more disconnected from your co-workers and teams, significantly influencing your experience and impacting the job’s overall culture. In any job, some of an employee’s overall experience is around external factors beyond their control, like the people they work

8 TV Shows and Movies That Tackled Abortion — And Actually Got it Right — Femestella

Regardless of what anti-choice people say, abortion is not black and white — and you don’t have to have gone through one yourself to understand how complicated it is, you just have to turn on the TV. It’s refreshing to see more and more depictions of abortion in pop culture because for a long time the primary narrative was that it was always the last resort and a heartbreaking decision. And, while that’s certainly the case for some pregnant people, it’s not everyone’s story. Like any other heal

Here's When Your Baby Might Start Sleeping Through The Night For Real

Throughout the first few years of life, babies and toddlers have a long list of milestones to meet, and while they’re all important, there’s nothing like the relief that comes over a caregiver after the first time their baby sleeps through the night. After months of sleep deprivation, it’s pure bliss. The sooner you can get a full night’s sleep, the better. But when your baby will start sleeping through the night depends on a variety of factors, as experts explain. “This is a tough question to

You're Not Expecting A C-Section, But Here's Why Doctors Might Insist You Need One

There are only two ways to deliver a baby: vaginally or via cesarean section. While the body is biologically built to deliver vaginally, that’s not always the safest option for mom or baby, and in that case a C-section is the better option. While this may sound scary on the surface, there are all kinds of reasons for a C-section delivery, and most of them aren’t even considered an emergency. For people giving birth to their first baby, the chance of undergoing a C-section delivery is relatively

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Trial is Not a Reality TV Show For You to Gawk At — Femestella

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard is well underway and the media is loving it. Dozens of media outlets are all covering the story so an attention-grabbing headline is essential to drive readers to one website over another. This practice often leads to sensationalizing an otherwise mundane topic or shifting the focus to the more juicy bit, even if it’s not the most important part. It’s precisely what’s happening with Johnny and Amber’s very public trial and it’s absolutely shame

Grads Will Get A Laugh Over These Graduation Memes

Sure, graduation is an exciting moment that celebrates educational achievements with a beautiful ceremony. But it can also be a *super* stressful time filled with uncertainty and big life decisions. That’s why graduation memes that express how you really feel are so important. Wearing the cap and gown can bring out some pretty mixed emotions, and that’s totally understandable. As with any other major milestone, using graduation as a reason to meme-ify your feelings is perfectly acceptable. Some

These Instagram Captions Capture The Comedy Of College Graduation

The days of marathon study sessions and serving drinks from a kiddie pool have come to a close, and it’s time to share the news. As the hilarious Instagram captions for college graduation prove, it’s great to celebrate this momentous occasion with a little humor. After all, you probably experienced more than a few absurd moments along the way to that higher degree, so laughter is a fitting response. Really, though, it can be scary to walk across that stage and say goodbye to the friends and edu

These High School Graduation Speeches Will Give You Hope For Our Future

Sitting through a graduation ceremony is rarely one of the most fun activities ever, even if you’re among the people chilling in a robe, eager to get that diploma. But as the most inspirational high school graduation speeches prove, recent grads are breathing new life into these ceremonies. In addition to all the traditional pomp and circumstance, the best high school graduation speeches are humorous, heartfelt, and honest. Seriously, these young adults understand how to work a crowd. And as yo

Here Are Some Hilarious Instagram Caption Ideas For Your High School Grad Pics

Graduating from high school is one of those major life events that you never forget. It's the last time you and your peers — many of whom you've known since kindergarten — will all be together under one roof. And since you definitely don't want to miss documenting this epic moment, you're going to need to have your phones ready, and clever captions prepared. Whether you're planning on posting the classic "caps in the air" shot, or you prefer goofy pics with your squad, there are some seriously h

Are Movie Theaters Too Loud For Pregnant People? OB-GYNs Explain

As you get closer and closer to your due date, your days of easy date nights are numbered. So, if you're planning to catch the latest epic film, scary movie, or franchise marathon, you may find yourself asking, are movie theaters too loud for pregnant women? Since babies can hear music in utero when a mother puts headphones on their belly, it might make you wonder just how sensitive baby’s in-womb hearing really is. And if you’ve experienced any kind of IMAX blockbuster, you know they are decid

6 Inspiring AAPI Women in the Workforce

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and The Mom Project is happy to celebrate the many amazing AAPI women in our community. Around 7.6 million AAPI women actively participate in the U.S. workforce, and everyone makes a substantial impact. While well-known women have earned all of their attention over the years (looking at you, Kamala Harris), many other lesser-known AAPI women are also making essential impacts in this country. As part of our AAPI heritage month cel

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While it has become more and more common for people to talk about mental health over the years openly, it wasn’t until the pandemic in 2020 that many employers began prioritizing benefits to help workers take care of themselves in this way. Now, The Mom Project wants to use Mental Health Awareness month as an opportunity to advocate for these benefits and encourage women and moms to seek employment with companies that offer them. According to the National A

That 1st Mother's Day Just Hits Different & These Insta Captions Get It

On Mother’s Day, you can count on a few things: for there to be zero reservations left at any good brunch restaurant, for there to be a last-minute rush on gift cards at any spa, and for Instagram to be flooded with photos and captions celebrating moms. If you want to show some love on social media for the new mom in your life this year (whether it’s a sister, bestie, or yourself), you’ll need a heartwarming photo and a really good first Mother’s Day Instagram caption to go with it. Finding a pi

Celebrating Your First Mother's Day? These Quotes Say It All

Sometimes, it’s really hard to put your thoughts and feelings into words, and it never hurts to borrow a quote from someone else in those situations. Whether you’re celebrating the new mom in your life, or you’re a first-time mom yourself, there are plenty of first Mother’s Day quotes that can help you say whatever it is that’s on your mind. Use a heartwarming quote for a note inside mom’s Mother’s Day card, or post a funny quote on social media if you’re a new mom yourself. Whatever it is that

How to Answer the "Strengths and Weaknesses" Interview Question

Suppose you’ve ever had to fill out a self-evaluation for work. In that case, you know how awkward it feels when asked to toot your own horn by sharing all of the fantastic things you’ve accomplished over the last year, followed immediately by having to highlight areas for growth. Now, take this uncomfortable practice and sprinkle in a bit of anxiety and you have the classic interview question: What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? There’s nothing like walking into a scenario where yo
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