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These 11 Zoom Baby Shower Games Are Legit Fun

With the shift to virtual social gatherings, baby shower hosts now have an extra hurdle to jump when it comes to entertaining their guests. While there's only so much you can do about the general awkwardness of showers (whether virtual or not), there are some Zoom baby shower games that will help guests loosen up, get engaged, and have some fun. Plus, if there's a good e-gift card prize up for grabs, you'll have no problem convincing everyone to participate. Have everyone show up to the virtual

6 Skills & Behaviors Kids Develop When They Become Big Siblings

If this isn't your first baby, you already know all the preparations you need to make before you give birth. One thing you may overlook, though, is the need to prepare yourself for the new behaviors and skills kids pick up when they become big siblings. Your older kid(s) will be adjusting to the new family dynamic right alongside you, and you can expect to see a lot of changes in them in the coming months as a result, from increased independence to being more interested in helping out. While th

The 15 Best Books for Toddlers of 2021

"The story of alphabet letters climbing up a tree, each letter climbs up one by one as the story is told through catchy rhymes." Pooh’s Library Original Four Volume Set by A.A. Milne at "Read all about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh with this four-book set, full of original-art pictures." Old MacDonald’s Farm by Melissa & Doug at Amazon "The 20-page book is full of buttons toddlers can click and pop as they read through about the animals at Old MacDonald’s farm." Neve

If Your Kid Is Obsessed With Horses, They'll Love These Books

There is just something about a pony that kids seem to be innately drawn to. So, it's no wonder there are so many fantastic kids' books about horses and their adventures. Filling your child's library up with books about their favorite animal will not only encourage their love for reading but could also potentially keep them satisfied enough to go a day without asking you to buy them a pony of their own. To be totally fair, ponies are really cute. Plus, horses are featured in just about every Di

20 Funny Valentine's Day 2021 Memes That Are Both Silly & Romantic

Like it or not, Valentine's Day is a holiday that cannot be ignored (seriously, there are hearts everywhere). This year, in lieu of sending out paper cards, save on stamps by sending your loved ones some happy Valentine's Day memes instead. Whether it's your partner, best friend, or someone who loathes the holiday, there is definitely a meme out there for them. There's nothing wrong with celebrating Feb. 14 with the kind of romance Boyz II Men used to sing about, but if you don't take the holid

These 5 Superstitions About Little Charmers Born On Valentine's Day Are Pretty Irresistible

Most people probably know all about the hearts, lace, flowers, and cupids that are synonymous with Feb. 14, but what about birthdays that fall on the holiday? While their b-day may get overshadowed, if superstitions about babies born on Valentine's Day are true, you'll have a hard time overlooking the little sweetheart every other day of the year. These babies are destined to be loved, desired, and to steal the spotlight without even trying. The origins of Valentine's Day are often debated beca

The 9 Best Bottle Brushes of 2021

Best Overall: Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush at Amazon "When used, the brush moves around the bottle easily thanks to the flexible neck, while the non-slip handle simplifies the process." "You’ll be able to reach every inch of a bottle, sippy cup, and sippy cup straw with this two-pack brush set." Best for Breast Pump Parts: OXO Tot Water Bottle & Straw Cup Cleaning Set at Amazon "The set will last through the bottle stage and well into the sippy cup phase and is complete with three pieces."

So Here's Why Babies Flap Their Arms, According To Experts

Once your baby starts getting a little more physically animated, you might notice them moving their arms around a lot. But, what does this mean? Why do babies flap their arms like this? And, is there anything parents need to do about it? Don't worry, because this gesturing is actually a good thing. As they develop, babies discover new ways to communicate with their caregivers and express emotions besides just crying. Arm-flapping is one of those new ways. "We generally see babies 'flapping' whe

So This Is Why Your Baby Is Always Shaking Their Head, According To Experts

Babies do a lot of things that seem like a complete mystery to adults but are actually very intentional. For instance, you might be wondering why a baby shakes its head back and forth while sitting up or during tummy time. The reason is more relatable than you probably realize. At first glance, it may seem like your baby has already mastered the art of defiantly telling you "no." Don't worry, you still have a little bit of time before that starts happening because this behavior isn't about comm

The 8 Best Kids Sleeping Bags for 2021

Best Overall: Coleman Kids 45° Sleeping Bag at Amazon "These sleeping bags are made with a "comfort cuff" to add extra coziness and the zipper is designed to avoid getting caught on fabric." "The exterior fabric of the sleeping bag is water resistant, it has an anti-snag zipper design, and it’s machine washable." "The interior is lined with super soft cotton flannel and the sleeping bag is packed with insulation." Best for Camping: Field & Stream Youth Sportsman 30° Sleeping Bag at Walmart

The 10 Best Winter Nursery Products in 2021

"It comes with a nasal sucker, mouthpiece, and filter that allows you to use your own suction power to clear baby’s congested nose." "Keep baby warm at night with these footie pajamas, complete with long sleeves and a thick fleece material." "Ensure your baby sleeps extra cozy on cold nights with this sleeping sack, which has snap shoulders for easy on and off." "Keep an eye on the nursery's temperature with this baby monitor, so you'll know if you need to adjust the heat." "Late night diape

We Need to Talk About Maternal Mortality Among Black Women in the US

The US has the worst maternal mortality rate among developed countries, and it’s only getting worse every year. I am a white woman with great health insurance, who, in June of 2019, delivered a baby in an excellent hospital. I was the definition of privileged. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong but, due to my OB’s call schedule, I was set to deliver with a physician from another practice. She didn’t know me or my history and I’m fairly certain she merely skimmed my chart. Sh

This Is What New Moms Really Want This Valentine's Day

February 14 is a day for you to show and spread some love, and if there is anyone in your life who could use a little extra TLC, it’s the mama with a new baby. Whether she’s your spouse, friend, sister, or the sleep-deprived neighbor you see taking her baby out for a stroller walk every morning, there is no shortage of great Valentine’s Day gifts for new moms that will make her feel seen and loved. In all honesty, the mere fact that you thought to do something nice for her will be a gift in and

These 20 Names For February Baby Names Are Lovely & Unique

Choosing a name for your baby is no small task; the moniker you pick follows them around for life. A lot of parents like to find a name that is meaningful in some way, and if you're expecting a little valentine, there are some really cute February baby names to consider. If you're not a fan of the holiday, don't worry, there are still plenty of options that have nothing to do with Cupid. February is famous for Valentine's Day, but there are also other great events that can help inspire your bab

10 Free Spanish Coloring Printouts That Are Super Kid-Friendly

If you have a little kid in your home, you're likely well-stocked with crayons, markers, and paint. As it turns out, you can put those art supplies to good, educational use with free printable educational downloads that teach Spanish through coloring pages. What better way is there to teach a kid something than by having them do an activity they already love? There are a lot of advantages to learning a foreign language in general, but especially so for young children. In an email to Romper, How

22 Flowy Dresses You’ll Live In During & After Pregnancy

The thing about maternity clothing is that, while it's usually necessary, it's not exactly fun to spend money on since it's a short-term wardrobe. So, any time you can find non-maternity dresses you can wear throughout pregnancy, it's a real score. A flowy dress is always nice to have hanging in your closet, and it's a lot easier to justify the cost of investing in an "anytime" dress than in one that you know you'll be tossing into storage or a donation pile in the not-so-distant future. Matern

The 10 Best Rain Boots for Kids of 2021

Best Overall: L.L.Bean Kids’ Puddle Stompers Rain Boots at "Great for kids of all ages, the soles ensure traction while the back features a reflective triangle that promotes visibility." "The boots are detailed with rubber along the outside and are fully insulated, keeping feet warm in sub-zero temperatures." "If you prefer a low-cut design that won't weigh your kiddo down, this option does just the trick with its sneaker-style sole." "Perfect for messier or more adventurous kids,

The 8 Best Places to Buy Diapers of 2021

"What distinguishes Honest is that all of their products are made with organic ingredients, all of which are clearly listed." "One of the most affordable diaper manufacturers, their website offers access to convenient subscription bundles." "Ideal for babies with sensitive skin, parents can also have add-ons delivered with your subscription like wipes and skincare." "Diapers that are sustainably made and are about as pure as they come, pick from standard, wide, cloth, or training pants." "Th

The 10 Best Scooters for Kids of 2021

Best Overall: Razor A Kick Scooter at Amazon "It's made from durable aluminum, has adjustable height handlebars, and folds over for easy transporting and storage." "You get a lot of bang, and flash, for your buck with this scooter, covered in 100 lights, and complete with a wide base." "An electric option that goes up to 10 mph, it can travel up to six miles on a single charge and has a handbrake for safety." "Kiddos working on their balance can rest easy with this three wheel choice, featur
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