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Father’s Day 2024: 15 Father’s Day Gifts The Dads In Your Life Are Sure to Love

Gift ideas for the dads who love to cook, who enjoy a little pampering, or who revel in any opportunity to play a game with the kids. Please note that some products listed are linked to affiliate websites and we may collect a small commission on your purchase. Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 16, in case you were wondering), so it’s time to do some shopping for the dads in your life. Whether it’s your partner, your father-in-law, your own dad, or your co-parent, this is an opportuni

These 12 Curl Creams Will Give You the Bouncy Hair of Your Dreams

We spent 396 hours testing 22 curl creams to find the best of the bunch. Testers incorporated them into their regular beauty routines, assessing each product’s performance and consistency, its hydrating effects, and our overall results. After six weeks of regular use, these curl creams consistently outperformed the rest. The right curl cream can transform natural curls (which tend to be dryer than straight hair) into soft, bouncy ringlets while eliminating frizz . But it’s not just about achiev

Gear Review: California Baby Super Sensitive Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner

Like many parents, I am conscious of the products I use on my children, always looking for formulas that have that perfect balance of safe and effective ingredients. This task can be difficult in general, but adding in a child with sensory sensitivities and eczema can make it feel downright impossible. When given the opportunity to try California Baby’s Super Sensitive shampoo/body wash and conditioner, I was thrilled because these products seemed perfect for my daughter. She has eczema, but sin

I Love My Kids’ Year-Round School, Especially In the Summer

My daughters do not have a traditional school schedule. Instead, they’re on a year-round calendar. And I was very skeptical at first. Much to my surprise, I’ve grown to love this schedule — especially in the summer months. When we bought our home, one of its major selling points for my husband and me was that it was two blocks away from what would eventually be our two daughters’ elementary school, meaning we could walk our kids to and from school each day. For me, the caveat to this little pie

Happy Mother’s Day to the New Moms

As a veteran mom of a nearly 5-year-old and a 7-year-old, I’m past the 2 a.m. feedings, clunky infant car seats, and blowout diapers (a parenting milestone worth celebrating). Still, I remember the early days of motherhood with both of my daughters—the sleep deprivation, the postpartum mood disorders (depression with my first, PTSD with my second), the seemingly never-ending string of viruses courtesy of daycare, and the constant self-doubt in my ability to raise my babies. Motherhood, in genera

2024 State of Maternal Support

We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” If you have children, you likely understand exactly what that means—but there’s also a good chance you have never experienced it for yourself. Momcozy, a maternity and baby brand committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of mothers to create a more caring and empathetic world, has partnered with Postpartum Support International, an organization that promotes awareness, prevention, and treatment related to maternal menta

These 13 Cream Bronzers Go On Smooth, Blend in Seamlessly, and Will Leave You Looking Flawless

We spent 462 collective hours testing 45 different options, using each product three to four times per week. We clocked how each one blends and builds on itself, how long it stays in place without needing a touch-up, pigmentation, overall look, and more. We used this information and insights from three professional makeup artists to craft this list of the best cream bronzers to give you that coveted lit-from-within look. Adding the right bronzer to your makeup routine can leave you with defined

Am I Overreacting About My 7-Year-Old's 'Spaghetti Strap' Dress Code?

Recently, I found myself pushing back against an archaic “spaghetti strap” dress code that my 7-year-old daughter’s teacher had implemented. It started the morning before school on one of our first hot days of the year. My daughter had hung a cute dress with a cardigan on a hook next to her mirror, just waiting to be worn, so I suggested she wear it to school that day. Then she told me: “I’m not allowed to wear that dress to school.” I was thoroughly confused, because what could possibly be ina

The State of Mental Health in Parenthood

If you’re in need of immediate help for your mental health, call the suicide and crisis lifeline by dialing 988. At some point, the millennial generation became the target of all kinds of criticism. We’ve been hated on for being the recipients of participation trophies, for our love of avocado toast and dislike of flat sheets, and for our sense of entitlement to a living wage. Say what you will, but the one thing you can’t hate on us for is the fact that we are the generation that normalized go

The Current State of IVF in the U.S.

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June 2022, there has been a lot of anxiety and speculation about what rights will be stripped of next. Will they come after our birth control? LGBTQ+ rights? Interracial marriage? One thing we knew with certainty would eventually become negatively impacted by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) egregious decision to leave the right to a safe abortion up to the states was in vitro fertilization (IVF), and nearly two years after SCOTUS ruling, we’ve

The 11 Absolute Best Body Washes for Dry Skin (We Tested Over 50)

We tested more than 50 body washes once daily over six weeks to find the best options for dry skin. Our testers evaluated the different formulas, consistencies, and overall results. We also relied on insights from dermatologists Dr. Hadley King, MD , and Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD to help us curate the ultimate list of body washes for dry skin. Addressing and treating dry, itchy skin can take some trial and error, but investing in a body wash for dry skin is a good place to start. These cleansers

10 Sustainable Baby Products We Love in 2024

Please note that some products listed are linked to affiliate websites and we may collect a small commission on your purchase. We all know climate change is a very real danger to our planet. We also know it’s largely man-made, and recent studies show that 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions since 1988 have come from corporations. Because of this, changing your habits in the name of saving our planet can feel fruitless as an individual, but if companies are the leading cause of climate change, we

These 12 Exfoliating Face Washes Will Transform Your Skin In All the Best Ways

We tested more than 85 different face washes, using each twice daily (or according to instructions) for a month. During this time we evaluated everything from the product’s packaging to formula consistency to how easy it is to use to its overall effectiveness and results. We also considered recommendations from a board-certified dermatologist to help us narrow down our list. Here are the 12 exfoliating face washes that can make skin look like new. Exfoliation makes a massive difference in the l

12 Mother’s Day Gifts for 2024 That Will Make Mom Feel Seen

Since you can’t bottle sleep up in a jar to give her, these Mother’s Day gifts are the next best things. Please note that some products listed are linked to affiliate websites and we may collect a small commission on your purchase. Mother’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, May 12, to be exact), so if you haven’t already been shopping for the mom in your life, now is the time to start. Of course, that’s easier said than done for many mamas—especially the ones who seem to have everything a

What Is With Kids' School Fundraisers These Days?

Recently, my first-grade daughter came home excitedly waving a flyer, and telling me she needed to raise $200 for her school’s latest fundraiser. I let out an audible sigh. She gave me her best puppy-dog eyes, expecting me to either shell out the $200 myself or “help” her collect the money from different sources. The problem is that she’s 7, so “helping” her raise money usually translates into me doing most of the work. And I’m so done. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the need for organization

The 13 Best Face Washes for Dry Skin, Tested and Derm-Approved

We tested over 85 face washes, using them twice daily at home and on-the-go, for over a month to help us find the best options for dry skin. Testers noted each product’s formula, effectiveness, ease of use, and overall results. In addition to considering these insights, we consulted with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, MD for advice on things to consider when searching for a face wash for dry skin. With all that in mind, we curated the below list of face washes that will keep your

Spring Maternity Style Must-Haves for the Warm Days Ahead

Please note that some products listed are linked to affiliate websites and we may collect a small commission on your purchase. If your seasonal allergies haven’t already clued you in, we’re here to let you know that spring has officially sprung. It’s that time of year when we all emerge from our homes after a chilly winter and bask in the feeling of warm sunshine on our skin, admire the beautiful flowers, and start transitioning our wardrobes from heavy sweaters to airy sundresses. For those exp

My Breast Lift Was Self-Care

After I had kids, I wanted a breast lift. For a while, I wrestled with whether or not the procedure was just “too selfish” of me to do — between the financial cost and the burden recovery time would put on my family. It seemed like a big ask. It was other moms who finally helped me see it another way. And my ultimate decision genuinely changed my life. I became pregnant with my oldest daughter in 2016, and my body hasn’t felt like my own since. Between carrying her and then my subsequent pregna

What Does Protein in Urine During Pregnancy Indicate?

If you are pregnant or have been in the past, you’re likely well acquainted with the process of collecting a urine sample at prenatal visits. By the time you reach your third trimester, you’ve practically mastered the process and probably don’t think much of it anymore, but there is good reason for this routine (albeit unpleasant) sample collection—to test for proteinuria or protein in the urine. What Causes Protein in Urine During Pregnancy? A simple urine test can clue doctors into all kinds

These 12 Drugstore Concealers Will Leave Your Skin Looking Flawless Without Draining Your Bank Account

We spent over 540 hours testing drugstore concealers in our everyday lives, evaluating each one’s formula, coverage, applicator, and performance. We also consulted with professional makeup artists to see if their recommendations aligned with ours. The collective research brought us to this list of top-performing drugstore concealers that we love just as much as luxury brand options. "Drugstore concealers have come a long way in the last few years," says celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin . "The
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