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'Amsterdam' Director David O. Russell Has a Long History of Abuse — So Why Do A-List Actors Continue to Work With Him? —

For a long time, one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets was who among the most powerful were also the most abusive. But in recent years, particularly since the Me Too movement, these secrets are being exposed, leaving “cancel culture” to do its job and take power away from some of these monsters. We’ve watched this kind of takedown happen again and again. Still, for every well-known star that is “canceled”, it seems like three more are still flying under the radar, getting away with toxic behavio

Netflix's 'Look Both Ways' Review: Finally a Film That Accurately Portrays the Darker Parts of New Motherhood —

Over the years, it’s slowly become more and more normalized to talk about the hard parts of new parenthood. And while real-life parents are sharing their struggles of trying to cope with sleep deprivation and mastitis, TV shows and movies often gloss over some of the darker realities. Netflix’s film Look Both Ways, refreshingly, isn’t one of them. The movie stars Lili Reinhart as Natalie, who finds herself taking a pregnancy test the night of her college graduation. From there, two timelines
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