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Mindy Kaling on 'Never Have I Ever' and Normalizing Inclusivity — Femestella

When it comes to her growing empire, Mindy Kaling has always prioritized casting people with a variety of backgrounds. But don’t get it twisted — the purpose of her casting choices is not to teach inclusivity, but to normalize it. From The Mindy Project to Never Have I Ever to The Sex Lives of College Girls and more, Mindy has made conscious efforts to ensure that, not only do her characters come from different backgrounds, but they’re also fully fleshed out. At the Time 100 2022 Summit, where

8 Online Job Hunt Strategies to Help You Land Your Next Role

Finding a job online can be surprisingly high maintenance and difficult. While it’s certainly a convenient way to search and apply for jobs, especially compared to pre-internet days, one of the drawbacks is that a single job listing can reach hundreds (if not thousands) of people, making competition stiff. Not to mention, with so many job opportunities at your fingertips, sifting through your search results can be a somewhat daunting task. It would be nice if there were some fool-proof way to k

Negotiating Full-Time Benefits with a Part-Time Schedule

We all know that 40 hours is the standard full-time week, but with that considerable time investment comes benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and other perks that sweeten the deal. Still, as helpful as they may be for working parents, these benefits can’t compensate for the time you have to sacrifice with your kids to get them. Even with the most flexible work arrangement, devoting 40 hours weekly to a job is incredibly difficult for a parent. Unfortunately, most part-time jobs don’

Grow Your Career by Joining a Professional Community

You already know the importance of professional networking, but as great as it is to have a wide net of contacts to reach out to when you need them, having closer connections is even better. When you develop deeper relationships with people in your network, you’re more likely to get help from them. And the best way to make these kinds of friends is by joining professional communities. Unlike one-time networking events, professional communities meet and or connect regularly. A community may be o

Balancing Work and Childcare During Summer Break

With summer comes the childhood joys of swimming, ice cream trucks, water balloon fights, and the freedom to do whatever they want for weeks on end. As fun as the season can be, for parents working outside the home, summertime also comes with the added stress of finding childcare for their kids for 40+ hours a week until school starts back up in the fall. There is so much that goes into finding and securing childcare for your kid, and it requires a lot of budgeting, planning, and organizing tha

Refreshing Your Career When You’re Feeling Uninspired

When you started your job, you were probably so excited about the opportunity and all of the new things you’d get to do in your role. However, as we all know, the sparkly shine of a new job tends to dull over time as you settle more and more into your position. Sure, it would be nice if we were able to maintain that level of enthusiasm throughout our careers, but finding a place where you’re simply comfortable and content at work is still a wonderful thing — it’s when the shine has dulled so muc

How to Navigate a Relationship with Your Manager

When it comes to your relationships at work, one of the most important (if not the most important) is the one you have with your manager. Regardless of what you think of them or their management style, it’s still essential to develop a relationship built on respect. After all, as long as you report to them, they will play a significant part in your professional growth. In an ideal situation, you have a boss you like and get along with, and in that case, forming a relationship with them may be r

Stay or Go? How to Evaluate Your Current Employer

It used to be that the longer you stayed with one employer, the better because most organizations believed in promoting from within and they would offer incentives for long-term employees – particularly pensions. Nowadays, things are a little different and leaving one employer for a better opportunity somewhere else is standard practice. However, that doesn’t mean there are no advantages to staying with an employer long-term. Every company is different, and while pensions are pretty much a thin

Tips for Transitioning from Remote to On-Site Work

Whether you are returning to the office post-Covid or accepted a new job that requires you to be on-site, transitioning from a remote environment to a traditional workplace is significant. This shift will affect your day-to-day work life, but it will also likely impact your family and well-being. It doesn’t matter if you’re thrilled about or dreading the move. There are going to be some significant adjustments for you along the way. Significant changes at work happen all of the time, and even t

Celebrating Pride Month

Every June, in the United States, we celebrate the LGBTIQA+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual, et al.) with Pride Month. Throughout the month, you’ll often find parades, events, and rainbow-striped flags hung all around to honor the community and as a show of support. While taking part in celebrating Pride Month in any capacity is terrific, it’s also essential for employers and co-workers to use June as an opportunity to let the LGBTIQA+ community within th

The 13 Best Dinosaur Toys of 2022

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. There’s just something about dinosaurs that kids can’t get enough of, which is why dinosaur toys are so wildly popular. These reptiles fascinate children (and adults) who love both adventure and science, and the best dinosaur toys can open up a whole new world of knowledge and fun for little ones. We love the Create a Dinosaur W

My New Job is Toxic. Now What?

With how in-depth recruiting and interview processes are these days, you’d think that new hires would be fully aware of what they’re getting themselves into when they accept a job. Unfortunately, since everyone is on their best behavior during interviews, there’s always the potential that what you see isn’t what you’ll get, especially in toxic work environments. No one wants to find themselves in a toxic job, and it can be terrifying when signs of this kind of culture start to appear. It’s a ro

Despair, Rage, and Exhaustion: Notes on Being a Parent Amidst Uvalde —

I was driving my five-year-old daughter to dance class last week when my phone first alerted me of the news of an active school shooter in Texas. Upon seeing the initial headline, I felt a wave of nausea but I didn’t have time to really read into the story until my daughter was settled into class. Over the next 45 minutes, I watched as the story evolved, and the number of deaths quickly increased, all while my little girl twirled around a dance studio blissfully unaware of the horror unfolding

Combating Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever taken a step back, looked at your career and wondered how you became so successful? Professional years go by quickly, so if you’re sitting in your director role but feeling like your entry-level job was just a few years ago, you’re not alone. If you’re also convinced that you aren’t qualified enough to be in your current position, you aren’t alone in this, either. A 2021 study by InnovativeMR found that around 65% of working professionals today are dealing with what is known as im

Best Practices for a Rewarding Remote Team Culture Experience

There are so many benefits of remote work, like not having a commute, schedule flexibility, and simply being able to do your laundry between work tasks. The advantages are clear, but one of the disadvantages of remote work is that you are more disconnected from your co-workers and teams, significantly influencing your experience and impacting the job’s overall culture. In any job, some of an employee’s overall experience is around external factors beyond their control, like the people they work

8 TV Shows and Movies That Tackled Abortion — And Actually Got it Right — Femestella

Regardless of what anti-choice people say, abortion is not black and white — and you don’t have to have gone through one yourself to understand how complicated it is, you just have to turn on the TV. It’s refreshing to see more and more depictions of abortion in pop culture because for a long time the primary narrative was that it was always the last resort and a heartbreaking decision. And, while that’s certainly the case for some pregnant people, it’s not everyone’s story. Like any other heal
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